Consistency is Key!

If you've been following my blog or Youtube channel, you know that the biggest problem I have is staying consistent with my posts. As consistent as I want to be, sometimes life just gets in the way and I tend to get off track. Now, it's time to change up my daily routine to help me stay on track and as consistent with my posts as possible because I'd rather not waste any more valuable time.

Here are some things I plan on doing to make myself a new daily schedule in order to stay focused on all of my short term and long term goals! I hope they'll make it a bit easier for me to stick to a routine and hopefully they'll help anyone else who could use a little motivation!

1. Set realistic goals. As much as I would like to film 10 Youtube videos a day or run 5 miles in one workout, I know that'll never happen. So I'll be setting goals that challenge me just enough without making me feel overwhelmed. I've heard that it takes at least 21 days to turn something into a new habit. Take baby steps instead of one giant leap! Once you see that it's now easy for you to reach a daily goal, set a new one! In my opinion, it's the easiest way to set realistic expectations for yourself and to see what exactly you can handle.

2. WRITE IT DOWN. I always tell myself there's no need to write certain things down but boy am I wrong. All I tend to remember is that there was something I needed to remember which doesn't help my situation. It's time for me to clean the dust off my trusty dry erase board from high school and put it to good use. Earlier this week I wrote my entire daily schedule down along with reminders to drink water (which I desperately need or I'll forget to drink water all day) and any deadlines I have for that week or month.

3. Create a vision board. It's always good to stay motivated and one way to do that is to have something to constantly remind you of your long term goals. Over this long weekend I plan on creating a vision board with everything I hope to accomplish career wise, fitness wise, and anything else that comes to mind. Within the year I hope to at least accomplish a portion of what I have on my vision board.

4. Schedule some time to relax. I often get over ambitious which causes me to fall off track very easily. So this time I plan on scheduling breaks throughout the day to just chill back, watch some Youtube videos, listen to music, catch up on social media or even take a nap. Having a few minutes throughout the day to kick back will definitely give me something to look forward to throughout the day. Who knows, maybe I'll get so used to my new routine that I won't even need to take a break!

5. Change up your schedule as needed! One piece of advice was given is to not feel obligated to stick to your exact schedule if there's something that doesn't work! By changing your schedule a bit you create a more relaxed environment for yourself and are more likely to stick to your routine!

I'll definitely be putting all of these tips and tricks to good use starting this weekend. If you try any of these or have any other helpful tips feel free to share!