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11 Tips to Avoid Laziness

11 Tips to Avoid Laziness

Happy Friday!

Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a morning person by any means, but here are some tips that help me get through the day when all I feel like doing is chilling in bed and watching Netflix.

1. Drink a glass of water before bed the night before. I know that when I do this I'll HAVE to get up to use the bathroom in the morning and that helps me with the most difficult part of my day!

2. On days when I'm especially sleepy I like to open the blinds of the window right next to me, The sunlight isn't only refreshing but it wakes me up within minutes and puts me in a good mood within minutes!

3. Drink a glass of water as soon as you open your eyes. Studies have proven that this does actually wake you up, sometimes even more than coffee. It will re-hydrate you and help with your metabolism as well! The last thing I feel like doing in the morning is drinking a glass of water, but it's so worth it considering all of the benefits!

4. Take care of your most important tasks in the morning! It's said that people are usually more productive in the mornings, so take advantage of it! If you're a procrastinator like me, you'll definitely thank yourself when you have the evening free to meet up with friends or catch up on your favorite show!

5.Use the mornings to treat yourself! It'll help you out of bed faster knowing you have something to look forward to whether it's your favorite breakfast, coffee, or a cute outfit (which you should probably pick out the night before because we're trying to be productive here!)

6. Even if you're just running errands for the day or working from home, get out of those sweats! Put on some jeans or leggings and a cute top (or even just nicer sweats) and actually make an effort to get ready! Not only will you look great, but you'll feel great. And, in the event that you have a last minute plans, you're already ready to go (plus you'll have an excuse to take more selfies if you're into that). I'll be filming a quick 5 minute minimal makeup routine soon so be sure to look out for it on my YouTube channel!

7. Break down each larger tasks into smaller tasks. It'll help you feel like you've accomplished more without tiring you out or boring you and they won't seem as intimidating, possibly eliminating the cause for your laziness!

8. If you're one of those people who can't seem to stay focused for long periods of time without being distracted or end up taking a nap when you should be getting work done, try changing your environment. Drive down to your local coffee shop for library. Caffeine is always helpful and the different environment will keep you awake, plus there's nowhere for you to sleep when you're in public.

9. Have a vision of what and who you want to be. What goals do you want to accomplish? What do you need to do to achieve those goals? How will you benefit from completing these tasks?  If that doesn't work, think about the consequences if you don't reach these goals. Motivation is key! 

10. Follow inspirational social media accounts or sign up to have daily quotes emailed to you! Some of the websites I've signed up to get emails from are and

11. This is probably my biggest tip: Just get up and get things done! Stop waiting until later to do something you can do RIGHT NOW! I've taken this approach to my blog posts and it's worked wonders for my mood. Knowing I've accomplished certain tasks earlier in the day that I won't need to worry about any more gives me peace of mind and I'm able to get ahead on work for the next day! 

Be happy, stay motivated, get up, and go achieve your goals! Work so that by the end of the day you feel a sense of accomplishment (and maybe treat yourself to some guilt free Netflix watching).


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