Happy International Women's Day!


The other day on one of the Desi TV channels I came across a promotion ad for a new show. The guy had just broken his leg and a friend of his came to visit him with flowers to see how he was doing. When asked how he was feeling he said something along the lines of, "Only women cry about little injuries like this, I'm a man so I'll take it like one" (roughly translated from Hindi)

The woman, taken back a bit, went on to say that the pain of giving birth is equivalent to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time (shots fired!!).The moral of the story is that despite the world thinking that women are weak, fragile beings, we are actually physically and mentally stronger. 

Ladies, in this day and age we can accomplish anything we put our mind to, specially when we put on our favorite pair of heels. For me, it's always been a struggle to be taken seriously in a typically male-dominated industry, but I'm determined to pull through and make a name for myself. My Dad used to get constant criticism from his peers for letting me do certain things like my radio show, hosting events, etc. But he never once told me to abandon my passion. He taught me pretty much everything he would teach a son, if he had one. My Dad was one man who was never ashamed of having a daughter. In fact, according to stories I've heard, when my mom was pregnant with me he wished for a daughter. As soon as I born he was so happy he carried me in his arms and ran into the waiting room to show me to my maternal grandmother. Of course, he was banned from coming near me until I was taken home because the staff thought he was trying to kidnap me. But if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be sitting here writing this blog. I would not have the courage to do what makes me happy without him telling me that a woman is no less than any man. So I'm here telling you beautiful ladies who are reading this that you are strong. Be fierce, be persistent and do what makes YOU happy.

  Someone will still always ask if me going to events away from home is risky or dangerous even though I'll be on stage the whole time, but I've never heard that question directed towards a man. Obviously, we as women need to take certain precautions, but no fear or hint of danger should hold us back(that's what pepper spray is for). 

There is no reason as to why we cannot accomplish the goals we set for ourselves. We take on so many roles during our lifetime such as that of a daughter, sister, aunt, mother, etc. There's no reason as to why we can't add roles like 'entrepreneur', 'CEO', 'president', etc. to that list as well.