Contour On Fleek- Mompreneur Sharan Sandhu

Welcome back to my blog! This week I chose to feature someone who I think defines the term BOSS. She's a wife and mother AND runs her own company! These are extremely demanding jobs and I admire her for her hard work and dedication. So, let me tell you about Sharan Sandhu of Contoured Studios!

I was introduced to Sharan by our close mutual friend Juggie Hundal (Hi Juggie!) in hopes that she could give me some advice on choosing a makeup artist for my wedding while being about 3,000 miles away from the wedding location. Not only was she super sweet and really helpful, but I got some insight into how busy she is balancing Contoured Studios and her family life. It truly takes a lot of dedication to balance both. 

During her childhood, Sharan was surrounded by her older cousins who were all boys, so she basically grew up as a tomboy and didn't really have any interest in anything girly. She didn't really wear much makeup and at one point had never even considered being in the beauty industry! She initially went to school for business and worked as a legal assistant for 3 years.

"If I have to thank anyone for directly me in this route, it would be my mom. She suggested I go to makeup school just to learn for myself. I attended Blanche MacDonald and instantly found a new talent." After discovering her love for makeup, Sharan began to freelance, taking a few bookings on the weekends whenever she was available. Soon, she began to distance herself from work, calling in sick or taking vacation days to dedicate herself to makeup and do more bookings! "6 years ago I decided it was time to make a decision and take the next step.. I quit my full time job and started focusing on growing my business. And here I am today." Sharan always found herself taking on leadership roles, so when she sparked an interest in makeup she thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take charge and be her own boss.

Now you know I had to ask this girl boss how she balances her business and her family, specially since I can barely handle what I have on my plate right now and am in need of some desperate organization. Sharan says it's definitely been a difficult task as her summers and weekends are always completely booked. Her husband has been extremely supportive and understands how important her business is to her. She went on to say that attending family events is difficult as she's usually pretty late or has to miss out, but it's a choice one must make if they wish to work in the wedding industry.

Now that Sharan has a beautiful daughter, priorities have changed a bit. "I've noticed myself learning to take on less work, keep manageable hours so I'm not overworking. It's been hard since I'm a workaholic! But I don't want to miss out on seeing my baby grow up". I guess the biggest thing I learned from Sharan's response is to simply follow your heart! Managing priorities is a difficult task but it's easier to balance responsibilities when you know what matters to you the most. Props to all of the entrepreneurs out there who are also parents! 

In addition to makeup services Sharan also has her own line of makeup tools and lashes and hosts workshops! "I'm big on makeup brushes. I feel that tools are the most important when applying makeup. When shopping around I found that brushes are so expensive and I wanted to bring in a local line of makeup brushes and other products that were affordable and good quality. As for the workshops, I always had family, friends and clients ask for tips and tricks on how to apply makeup. I also saw that so many women often wear the wrong foundation shades and some didn't really know where to start when shopping for makeup. That's when I decided to start offering my workshops. They're designed for anyone who wants to learn how to apply their own makeup!"

As for Sharan's favorite part about the work she does- "I've always been a people pleaser. I love seeing people happy. It makes me happy to see other people smile. I love transforming people and helping them to look and feel their best!" 

So for anyone who thinks it's too late to change careers, follow your dreams or start your own business, it's time for you to change that mindset! Don't think that being married or having a family of your own will hold you back from reaching your goals! Go out there and be a BOSS!

Be sure to check out to learn more about Sharan's business, product line, workshops or even to book her for your next event! Also follow Contoured Studios on Instagram!