The Dynamic Duo- DJ Twinbeatz!

I'm backkkk! This week's post is about two DJs who have taken the industry by storm, DJ Twinbeatz! I'm pretty sure y'all have heard their awesome mixes on Soundcloud, but if you haven't I'll leave the link to their Soundcloud account right here!

Harinder and Varinder Singh hail from The Windy City, Chicago and basketball was their life! They even had dreams of going pro but that came to a halt when both of them suffered from unfortunate injuries. Surprisingly, Harinder and Varinder never thought they would become DJs until about 4 years ago! Their father was a local part time DJ so they grew up listening to Punjabi music and had access to his huge collection of music. They had always been fans of music but never thought it would grow into a passion for them. After the injuries, they took a closer look at their father's DJing business and realized that it was heavily declining due to the newer technology on the rise as well as other advancements in the industry. During their time off from the courts, they decided to do some research, take out some extra student loans, and invest in some high quality DJ equipment as well as learn the tricks of the trade in order to help their parents out financially while they were still in school. They began to teach themselves and dedicate more time towards perfecting their newly discovered skills and developing the unique style they've become famous for!

Education wise, the twins recently graduated from the University of Illinois with Bachelor of Science degrees in Management! They managed their DJ business as full time DJs AND full time students! That's true dedication. Now, their main focus is to build and improve their brand. Outside of music, they love to travel, hit the gym and of course, play basketball! "We love to travel, and we’re blessed with opportunities to travel and perform in different cities each month. Otherwise, on the daily aside from music work, we don’t really have time do much, but you’re guaranteed to find us at the gym 5-6 days a week #BallIsLife "

Harinder and Varinder seem to be twinning in every aspect!

"The best part is that we’ve always been through everything together. We’ve always had two minds working through everything, whether it be homework, music, problems, etc. The two of us grew up being very competitive, which made each of us work harder and push each other through our goals. I wouldn’t say there’s a downside of having a twin, everyone should have a twin!"

The guys mentioned that while working on mixes or DJing an event, they break down the work according to each of their strengths, but the final result is always a team effort! They stay focused on their goals and concentrate on making every project bigger than the last!

When asked if they would ever consider making the transition into producing music, the twin's told me that they have had something in the works since February that will be releasing soon. Also keep a look out for news on DJ Twinbeatz first album early next year! (SO EXCITED!!)

SO if you didn't already know about DJ Twinbeatz, now you do! I chose to highlight these two for their impecable work and dedication. Their rise up the ladder in the industry is definitely commendable and I truly love every one of their mixes! I always support those in our generation who are positive influences in our community and these two are a great example of how far perseverance and passion for your work can take you! Be sure to check out their work on Soundcloud and their website,!