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Using Social Media to Voice Opinions- Meet EssMahil!

Using Social Media to Voice Opinions- Meet EssMahil!

Sukhi Mahil is your average girl in her early 20’s. She’s a history major and loves to dance. But there’s one thing about her that makes her stand out from the rest. She’s social media famous! Now she’s not your typical Instagram fame. Sukhi uses her platform to make funny skits and talk about issues that she comes across in her daily life. From being annoyed by people who don’t know how to communicate appropriately with others to her views on certain topics like self love and double standards, she talks openly with her followers without fearing what the world will think.

I was first drawn to follow Sukhi because of her hilarious skits on Instagram. She creatively acts out scenarios that so many in our generation face throughout our lives and often says what the majority of people think but would never say. After adding her on Snapchat, I got to see a more serious side. She goes about her daily life and often shares her view on certain events of occurrences she comes across, such as double standards in our community, negativity, toxic friendships, etc.

When asked how she got inspiration for her “rants” and videos, Sukhi said, “Honestly, my inspiration is my mom and how she’s been through so much crap with our community.  I guess growing up in an Indian community triggers a lot of my rants. I stand strongly against sexism, and that is probably one of the biggest problems in our community. Growing up there were so many things that just didn’t make sense to me about the way people treated women, hell even the way some women treated other women. I guess at one point I just got sick of it all and decided to fire back with the use of social media and my voice.”

Sukhi occasionally faces backlash or gets hate for her views on certain taboo subjects, but it doesn’t really phase her for the most part. “You know it’s always said that the truth is bitter. The men that approach me with hate most likely are offended because they know what I voice is true or because they themselves are the kind of people I end up talking about.” Although she gets some horrible messages she does her best to ignore them and move on from it with a positive attitude. “I try to be as positive as I can. But even I slip sometimes. I guess it’s just about ignoring the haters and keeping your eye on the bigger picture. I always need to remind myself that I have a lot of supporters and those are the people that I do what I do for.”

After hearing about the hate she deals with, I asked Sukhi what her parents thought about her becoming more well known in the community and on social media. Her mom has always been supportive and loves when she sees her daughter portraying her in skits. Her dad on the other hand, as any parent would be was worried when he came across distasteful (and even scary) comments under her videos on Facebook.“But things like that come and go once you’re on social media, not to be taken lightly but it shouldn’t stop you from living. He came around eventually once that phase was over. He’s okay with my posting rants and what not, just asks me to be careful. Relatives however, do what they know best, talking shit behind one’s back LOL.”

Sukhi wants the young women that support her to know that their voice matters and that their lives are worth so much more than what the community has summed it up to be. “ Be strong and be fearless. Don’t stay quiet if someone uses your gender against you. You are free to be who you are.

Women need to come together to bring change, they need to stop hate against one another. They need to be themselves and not what others expect of them. When people see a strong female leading, they aspire to be like her. Every girl needs a role model, I have one too. Standing united is the best way to voice your opinions. And for the men, just understand that every girl out there is someone’s daughter; treat women the way you want your daughters and mothers to be treated.”

I hope y’all enjoyed reading about this little chat I had with Sukhi! Be sure to follow her on Instagram, subscribe to her YouTube channel and add her on Snapchat at SMahil93.

Keep watching this space as I feature more amazing and powerful individuals!

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