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My 21st Birthday (and Boston Bhangra Weekend)

My 21st Birthday (and Boston Bhangra Weekend)


I have to say that my 21st birthday was more than I had hoped for. Although some things didn't necessarily go as planned I had a more than amazing time. Here's a rundown of my crazy weekend :

Friday I went crazy trying to pack, being the paranoid person I am I had like 10 different potential outfits and couldn't decide what to take to Boston with me. After, since I was president of the South Asian club in high school, I decided to go support and stop by at their Diwali event. Needless to say, I felt really really old. After that I headed to my cousin Jasmine's house to stay the night since my mom was at work, and my dad unfortunately had to be out of town. I think


is the only person who was as excited about my birthday as I was, if not more. We spent the night chilling like any other, trying not to fall asleep at 10pm. At midnight the cutest sister in the entire world walked out of the kitchen with a glass of wine and a gulab jamun with a candle in it. Beats a cake any day. OH and she wore one of those 'Happy 21st Birthday' banners as a chunni. Tell me she's not the most awesome sister anyone could ever have. After that we headed out to a place where I could get ID'ed, just because I can.

Neither of us got any sleep all night but we headed out for Boston around 9:30 and got there within a few hours. The drive there was some much needed sisterly bonding time and it was our first road trip together. We checked into the hotel and waited for our friend Sameera to get there. As we unpacked and chilled,

Mandeep from E3UK records

stopped by to give me some CDs which was pretty cool. We've been working together for a while so it was nice to finally meet someone from the company. Not to mention that British accent was on point. Once


got there the party started because it was super live (and we were super loud) cracking the most obnoxious jokes until our stomachs hurt from laughing so much. Jasmine and I then headed to the show while Sameera went to go see a cousin of hers.

Jus Reign

was the host and kept picking on some bechara gora which was hilarious and the show was great! During intermission I got to see a couple of my friends. I met up with one of my closest friends since 9th grade who actually wrote and published a book called 'The Look From Beyond' a few years ago. Amrit used to deal with my stupid annoying stories every morning throughout high school so he pretty much knows my entire life's story. I also got to see my friend Sunny, aka Sunny Chakdebooty aka DJ AkC who's remixes I've played on my show a few times. I'm so grateful to have these friends because now a days it's so difficult to find genuine people. Dev Dhillon killed it on stage as the celebrity performer, and he wished me a happy 21st birthday on stage which was seriously the best. After that Mickey Singh got the whole crowd dancing as usual.Congrats to Nachdi Jawani Warriors on 1st place, DCMPAA on 2nd and RU Boys on 3rd place, you all killed it!

Before the afterparty we bumped into my homie Mickey Singh and Jus Reign which was crazy! Mickey is seriously the sweetest person ever and Jasmeet is exactly like how he is in his videos. I still can't believe this happened but at the afterparty Mickey and Jus Reign along with the entire party sang happy birthday to me. Such an epic birthday.

The after after party was insane as well, because everyone did bhangra in a food court which wasn't too far away from the hotel. My friend Harman, who DJ'ed at Bhangra State of Mind in Sacramento the week before did an amazing job DJ'ing at the after after party and I don't think anyone, including myself wanted to stop dancing. I'm so glad I met Harman during BSM weekend because along with being a great DJ he's also a great friend. I'm so thankful that everywhere I go I end up making at least one good friend and enough memories to last a lifetime.

When I got home Sunday night my adorable parents surprised me with a cake and balloons :)

Thank you to everyone who made my 21st birthday so special, specially Jasmine, Sameera, Mickey, Jus Reign, Harman, Mandeep, Hari B and Dev Dhillon! love you all ! :)

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