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Kithe Mar Gayi? (Where did you go?)

Kithe Mar Gayi? (Where did you go?)

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been so M.I.A. lately. Everything's been super hectic with exams, the holidays, random family trips and a bunch of other things.

I quit my job at Old Navy because waking up at 4am to work 6-8 hour shifts really wasn't for me. It sucks that I no longer have a part time job but I think my health is so much more important. I felt my health getting worse and worse and barely got any sleep. So yeah, I'm done with that.

Also, I went to Boston with my parents to see my massi's new house and went out with my cousins for the first time. Because I can, legally. Because I'm like 21. I feel cool. The entire time I felt like a total badass even though I wasn't doing anything wrong, but I still feel like I'm not 21. Hopefully that feeling goes away soon.

I got to go to my first legit New Year's party. It was hosted by the organizers of

Bhangra In The City

, which is a weekly Desi party held at Pranna in New York, which I happen to promote. It was held at Bowlmor at Chelsea Piers in NYC and had over 1200 people attending so technically it was my first real partying experience. I got to see some friends and family there and I had a great time over all. The best part was the fact that I came home at 4am and didn't even get yelled at.

Also as most of you may know already I just started writing for

Brown Girl Magazine

(their twitter account is linked and here's their

Facebook page

). At the beginning of Winter break I had the opportunity to meet up with some of the other writers and editors of Brown Girl Magazine for brunch in NYC (or' drunch' as the restaurant called it). We all had an amazing time and instantly knew that we had formed a little BGM family as soon as we all agreed that we were still hungry after brunch. It was a group of 6 of us, 5 girls and one guy. (Yes there is a guy on the team. Shoutout to


for looking like a total boss). I also got to meet my friend


who I've known for a good 5 years, but this was the first time we actually met as well as Christine and Kamini! Trisha, the managing editor at BGM (yes we have the same name, HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?) and I brainstormed a bunch of ideas and topics for me to write about so I'm super excited to share everything with you all. We recently recorded an interview with DJ Rekha on my show Bhangra Beats and got to have an interview for Brown Girl Magazine that same day. It was seriously pretty cool because I've been looking up to

DJ Rekha

ever since I was a little girl. I also wrote my first piece for the magazine called

Bhangra Teams: Girls Vs. Boys

( linked) which I'm really excited about because you guys know how much bhangra means to me. Big shoutout to

Shaan Muteyara Di

Bhangra Club,

Nehriyan Bhangra


New England Bhangra Club

for their help and support.

In other news, I got to be in a music video, and that too with my sister


! Anyone who knows me knows that Jasmine is my life and my other half. If there's one person I can talk to about literally anything in the world, it's her, so the opportunity to work with her was such a blessing.


, an extremely talented singer and music producer is getting ready to release his album and is currently shooting some music videos and Jasmine was the main lead in one of them, so naturally G-Deep's wife


contacted me to play her best friend. It was such a difficult role ( note the sarcasm). I had to wake up at 7:30 to get ready for the shoot but I didn't even mind because I was so excited. Everyone was super sweet, specially G-Deep and Kiran and of course Jasmine and I took tons of selfies. I'll definitely post the link to the video when it's out.

I have a couple more things in the works that I don't want to mention until everything is finalized but I promise I'll be back soon, for those of you who actually read my blog. LOL.

P.S.- I'm thinking of writing a post about my makeup routine for everyday and parties, or my makeup routine for the shoot. What do you think ?

The RIGHT Role Models

The RIGHT Role Models

My 21st Birthday (and Boston Bhangra Weekend)

My 21st Birthday (and Boston Bhangra Weekend)