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Bhangra State of Mind 2013

Bhangra State of Mind 2013

Hey everyone! So I'm on my first flight to Sacramento, stopping over in Chicago. The flight was delayed and I'm not sure if we're going to get there on time for my connecting flight. It's my first time traveling alone so I'm super nervous. My dad's a nervous wreck as well. I mean after all his little girl is going all the way across the country by herself. I've met some pretty nice people and have had a pretty pleasant experience so far but I kind of want to get this trip over with so I can be in Sacramento to kick off

Bhangra State Of Mind

weekend already. Everyone from the committee has been pretty friendly so I'm looking forward to meeting all of them as well as a bunch of famous people who I met off twitter. Its going to be a pretty epic trip. I'm also going to be meeting my first fan from out of New Jersey, she's been super sweet and I'm so excited because seriously I never thought I could be a role model to someone but I guess I am. I'm going to be writing whenever I get a chance, the next time will probably be on my flight back home if I'm not too exhausted but I'll try to write was much as I can! Wish me luck and let's hope I catch my next flight on time. Airports are intimidating for no reason.

I'm on my flight back from Sacramento now and I have to say it's been one CRAZYYY weekend. I met up with so many awesome people and made so many friends, I think one of my goals is going to be to move to California one day. The fact that barely anyone here knew me was really refreshing. I loved walking into an event where no one had any preconceived notions about me, besides the random girls "muggin" (giving me dirty looks) the whole weekend, had to add some of my newly learned Cali slang thanks to Nikki. The whole committee was even more cool and respectful than I had expected. From the second I signed the contract for this event these guys ended up being homies instead of clients. Almost every hour there was someone checking to make sure I was okay or if I needed anything. Basically I felt like a mini celebrity. So I would really like to thank them for flying me out here for Bhangra State Of Mind this year.

Once I landed Gurjeet and Ashish picked me up from the airport and we went to In N Out, kind of regretting not getting anything but oh well there is always next time. Before even saying hi to Gurjeet the first question I asked was if his eyes were real because he has billiyan akhan and I couldn't tell from Instagram if they were contacts or not. I just had to. No sharam. And honestly I didn't even feel like I was meeting them for the first time at all.The hotel was SOO pretty it had like lakes/fountains and it was huge, like I kept getting lost. But it was super beautiful ( just like Gurjeet's eyes LOL). Once I got to my room and settled in I got ready for a photoshoot that never happened but I got to hang out with my homie Dilpreet Virk who was Mr. India Globe 2010. Super chill guy and once again it didn't feel like I had just met him for the first time. All I'm going to say is he's lucky I didn't throw his new shirt and shoes out the balcony. A little while after that I met Nikki, who is the "fan" of mine I wrote about earlier. I think I was most excited about meeting her because I wanted to know what exactly I did for her to look up to me, I still don't get it but hey I'm not complaining. Nikki and her sister are absolute sweethearts and I basically spent the entire weekend with them. Couldn't have asked for better people to hang out with.

 That night was my first experience at a team mixer. Everyone was so hyped and it pretty much seemed like a big family reunion because most of the teams knew each other from before. It was also the first time I was introduced to the participating teams as the host. The games were hilarious and definitely had everyone (almost) laughing. I got to meet a bunch of local celebrities too like Sumit, the main guy in the 'Pyaar Potion' video on YouTube, and the guys in the Jodi of the Bhangra terminology video, Gurpreet and Preet. Inquisitive, Tandy and my homie


who is a local poet stopped by to say hi and hang out. Harry Singh, an upcoming Punjabi artist from my hometown of Dallas, TX did a little performance as well. This is where I got to meet the rest of the committee like Kirpal, Deep, Sukh, Manpreet, Inder, Indy and everyone else. It was a chill night because everyone was preparing for the competition the next evening but that didn't stop everyone from staying up all night, including myself.

 The next morning I guess I was still running on New York time because after 2 hours of sleep I woke up at 6:30 with ease. Tech time was pretty hectic but props to the committee for trying their best to make it run as smoothly as possible. All of these teams work SO hard on their routines and I really got to see how dedicated and passionate everyone is about Bhangra. It's always great to see people just as passionate about Bhangra as I am, if not more. The rest of the day was just running around and preparing for the show, and me partially on my Mufasa swag trying to air dry my hair so I could style it. My homie from Twitter,

Brown Girl blogging

came by to meet me and hang out before the show as well as a local singer named Harleen. Brown girl was with me backstage for a while trying her best to calm me down and now I'm going to be a part of her blog which is effing AWESOME. I felt like such a cool kid. And

Dilpreet Mayall

came out to support as well! The show was amazing, teams were great and overall I had a lot of fun. The girls screamed so much before I even properly introduced

Mickey Singh

who did a special performance and he killed it as always. Had everyone singing along and dancing. The only downside to the night was the fact that I walked like a cripple because my feet hurt so badly after wearing heels for like 6 hours.

Overall it was a great getaway from the east coast and an unforgettable experience.

We're about to land and I'm going to get on my connecting flight to Newark airport soon so I'll stop writing now. Mostly because I think I've written enough, and the after party was great but I'd rather not go too much into detail about that because I'm lazy. My next post will probably be after my birthday/ Boston Bhangra on the 16th, until then feel free to check out my previous blog posts. Just a reminder too you guys, I don't write this blog to brag or because I think I'm a celebrity or anything. I'm just a girl who loves to write and share her experiences with people. Bye!

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My 21st Birthday (and Boston Bhangra Weekend)

My 21st Birthday (and Boston Bhangra Weekend)