Hey guys,

So I've been super stressed and overwhelmed lately and felt like writing would be the best way for me to vent. As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm hosting the first annual Bhangra State of Mind competition in Sacramento, California on November 9th. I was actually really excited until I realized how much work I need to take care of before my trip. The script writing, the work from all of my classes, the packing, filming my intro video and something else which I'll write a separate post about soon,  it really starts to add up. Don't get me wrong I'm still super excited, but I wish it could just be November 8th so I can get on that plane and be away from everyone on the East coast, even if it's only for 3 days. One issue that's been stressing me out is one (or two) things. My parents.  Although my dad's always been pretty supportive considering he's in the same field, of course every brown dad (or any dad in general) fears for his daughter traveling alone, specially for the first time. When booking my flights I guess my dad had a panic attack or something because he flipped out about me traveling alone. He claimed that according to protocol they should be paying for one parent to come with me. I understand that I'll always be his little girl but according to the US government and the rest of the world, I'm an adult. Gotta let me do my own thing some time.  Because of that argument I wasn't able to book my flights that night and I ended up seeming extremely unprofessional. Of course that wasn't a big deal to the organizers, who were totally chill and understood my situation, but it really bothered me. Knowing the industry and how to work with others, I don't understand why my dad didn't realize he was making me look bad. Is it just me or do some parents put up more of a front in front of others to show how "strict" they are. His theory is that if people know your parents are around, they won't bother you. That's true in a sense but it's also not professional and makes me look like I can't work on my own and that I'm a kid. Regardless I'm grateful for this opportunity and such a supporting father.

With my mom on the other hand, I feel like since I'm not becoming a doctor she thinks I'm not getting anywhere in life, which is never good. So I'm determined to prove her wrong. How do you guys deal with pressure from your parents? Do they really think that the techniques their parents used to raise them will be right to raise us? For me it's not just my parents. People in my extended family have unintentionally made comments which made me feel like crap. I know they don't mean it but the jokes make me feel as though my family doesn't even support me which is pretty sad. Anyways I'm just looking forward to this mini vacation and meeting a bunch of new people. It's the next step to following my dream. Also does anyone know how to cure a sore throat? I like lost my voice :(