Sikh Trump Supporters?

So it's nearly 2AM and articles and links about Harmeet Dhillon, a California lawyer who opened the second night of the Republican National Convention with Ardas- a formal Sikh prayer. Now I'm not an expert on politics or extremely religious but I'd like to put my two cents out there.

Dhillon's effort was much appreciated by many, including myself at first. It was great to see a Punjabi woman representing our community at such a large event, but then I thought about it. One of the main teachings of Sikhi is that everyone is considered equal no matter what gender, religion, or ethnicity. This is a view that one can assume Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump definitely does not have. I think it was such a nice gesture but just the wrong place. Especially knowing the mindset so many Republicans have about immigrants and minorities

Earlier in the presidential race, a Sikh man by the name of Arish Singh was harassed and kicked out of a Trump rally. Trump then asked the crowd "he wasn't wearing one of those hats was he?" and today Ardas was recited at the convention. I'm pretty sure many of those present felt uncomfortable with a prayer being recited in a manner that they're not accustomed to and to my surprise most of them seemed to be very respectful of what was going on. But did they truly understand what it meant? Would they use those words to better themselves and help the community around them or would they continue to work against communities they're not familiar with? I'm extremely curious to know how Harmeet Dhillon manages to balance her faith and her work with the Republican party as the two seem to be complete opposites to me. Could it be that she's using her faith as a 'Trump card' to make herself stand out in the Republican party?

One could argue that all politicians are corrupt, or that not all Republicans in office support Trump or even that they don't all necessarily have the same negative views but to someone who sees all of these news channel updates and articles all over the internet I'm confused as to how someone can truly believe in Sikhism and be a Trump supporter.

If I've said something in this post that offends someone I truly apologize as it wasn't my intention at all. I do not mean to attack anyone or their views. As always, I'm open to listen to what anyone has to say about this topic and I'm always ready to learn something new. So if you feel that I'm wrong please feel free to reach out and share your opinion! There are many many sides to a story. This is solely my personal opinion.