Who Cares

For months I've been coming up with topics to write about on this blog and for months I asked myself what people would think. I forgot about all of those ideas. I worried about others opinions until I realized that very few of them have been by my side when things went bad. I was holding myself back for the sake of others. I would wonder why I wasn't accomplishing my goals until I realized that I was too afraid of what others would say or think. I was worried about looking like that depressed, scared little girl who would be considered a joke. That's all changed. People have supported me, but others have also put me down. How did they do it? With their words. Just words. That's it. Now I look back and ask myself 'What ever happened to that girl who's only fear was that she wouldn't accomplish her goals?'. Those words are what broke me and dragged me into a dark place that I've been trying to escape for months. Now I'm out and ready to face what comes my way. There will be times when I'll be dragged back there again but I will never allow myself to sink too deep. At the end of the day, those words are JUST WORDS. They shouldn't physically stop me from doing what needs to be done and I won't allow it anymore. People's opinions will not pay my bills and they will not help me lead a happy life. Once I'm happy and successful those opinions and words will CHANGE. They'll say 'I knew you could do it' and I'll say 'No you didn't. But I still made it.' I've realized that whenever I achieved something in the past, it's always been because I stopped listening to the voices of those negative people who only live to judge and criticize.  I've always lost sight of what I wanted because I let others in on my vision. Instead of writing or filming a video, I've been laying in bed using every person's words and opinions as an excuse to leave my work for tomorrow. All of those tomorrows have turned into months and it stops now.  From now on I'll only listen to my heart and my mind and I won't let anything get in my way. People can say what they want and think what they wish, but I know that my OWN voice will lead me to happiness.