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Australia's South Asian Music Sensation- Harlene

Australia's South Asian Music Sensation- Harlene

Hey everyone, I'm back! I had the opportunity to speak to Australian singer,


following the release of her debut track,


Dil Di Talashi

', I've been following her on social media for quite some time now, and I found myself re-watching her singing videos because of her beautiful voice! It's great to see such a talented South Asian female begin to make her mark on the music industry. If you haven't checked out her single '

Dil Di Talashi

' yet, I suggest you do so now :)

How did you start singing?

Harlene developed her musical taste and interest at a very young age and singing has always been her passion. She has

 had extensive vocal training during her school years, as part of the school choir where she performed at various shows and competitions. Harlene has been performing from a young age at cultural shows & events in Australia.

"In the last year I was the opening act for Bollywood artists Adnan Sami, Govinda, Pankaj Udhas ji & more. Last year I was called to Mumbai to audition for a Star Plus reality show ‘India’s Raw Star’ with Yo Yo Honey Singh and made the top 20. While performing I’ve received such an overwhelming response which has definitely given me determination to continue pursuing my passion."

You have a great fan base on social media. Do you have any tips on how to increase or maintain a good social media following?

"The key to my success has been to never give up, I have always appreciated each & every person who has followed & supported my music from Day 1. I post videos of my singing regularly to keep my audience entertained. My fan base continues to grow & I feel blessed to have such genuine support. I believe in myself & work hard which has gotten me to where I am today."

What was the process you went through to start and complete your debut track? What was your inspiration?

"I wanted to create a unique vibe that is different to what’s currently playing in the Punjabi market. My favourite genre of music has always been slow romantic jams so that was the starting point. I also knew the kind of music I wanted so I was very involved with the audio right through to researching the right video directors to execute it and finally taking my product to the label.

I believe you can achieve anything in life when you put your heart & soul into something, those are the inspiring words I follow. Life is full of opportunities; it’s what you make of it!"

When asked if she could name the top 3 people without whom this wouldn't have been possible, Harlene named her parents and producer of 'Dil Di Talashi',



What do you think sets you apart from other singers and artists in the industry?

"I’ve never followed trends, I create them ;)

I am focused on delivering music for all ages to enjoy & to send a strong message to the youth to always work hard, follow your passion, maintain self respect & never give up!" 

What is your ultimate goal for your singing career?

"My biggest dream has always been playback singing for Punjabi films & Bollywood. I also aspire to release my album and have my own world tour!"

 Wondering what Harlene does when she's not singing?

"I have a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degree and have worked as an Accountant in the corporate world. I am very family orientated and my other love in life other than singing is food "

(You see why I love this girl?! Now I know who to ask when I need restaurant advice in Australia)

 What is the most memorable compliment you've received?

"Comparing me to my all time biggest inspiration Lata Mangeshkar ji, I was told from somebody that they haven’t loved a voice so much since hers, what bigger compliment can you get?!"

Did you ever think when you started singing that you would be able to make your debut into the industry in such a big way?

"I have always believed in my talent and knew that whenever I deliver a product, it’ll definitely be quality! Having the

T-Series label

launching my debut is the icing on the cake "

Confidence is key!

Although Harlene can't reveal any info on upcoming projects yet, I'll be eagerly waiting for the news!

Interview with producer Manni Sandhu

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