Fight Ignorance.

First of all, congratulations to the new

Miss America, Nina Davuluri

! I could not be more ecstatic about the fact that someone of South Asian heritage has won the title. She truly deserves it.

"America is a melting pot" " All of our ancestors were immigrants, except for Native Americans" "Indian-American" "America is diverse". I've been hearing all of these things for years now. As a kid I did truly believe that everyone loved each other and got along. As I get older, my eyes are open to the fact that America is NOT such an accepting place. As the child of American immigrants, an Asian/ South Asian woman, as a Sikh, and as a female in the industry I understand that people will hate no matter what although the hate that I receive is nothing compared to what Nina is dealing with. We can blow the haters off and ignore them as much as possible, but what do we do about ignorance?

From the moment Nina Davuluri, Former Miss New York, was crowned Miss America Twitter basically blew up with tweets referring to her as a terrorist, an Arab, a Muslim and much more. First of all, even if she was Muslim, she is still an American and still deserves the title. Religion shouldn't matter. Second, these people need to go back to the first grade and figure out where India is on the map (if their tiny brains could handle that much information). I'm disgusted at the fact that people can be so ignorant and stupid. Calling someone of a different background a terrorist? Really? Last time I checked the TERRORISTS behind the massacre at Oak Creek Gurudwara in Wisconsin, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, and she shooting in the movie theater in Colorado were all Caucasian. Every race, every religion and every country will have these nut jobs who go around trying to kill people. Don't blame it on one group of people.

As far as people saying Nina Davuluri is not American, I'd like to ask them if they know where she was born and I would also ask them to please go have a look at her passport. It's disgusting that apparently America is one of the top countries to get an education yet people are still so uneducated and ignorant and it's sad that the moment that was probably the happiest moment in her life, is bringing her so many challenges and so much hate.

Now, I kind of expected for some people of different cultures to be hating the new Miss America, but I never expected people of our own heritage to be joining in and hating her as well. Ever since last night I've been seeing comments and tweets saying " She's ugly though. She's so dark. Why did she win?". To all of the jealous brown girls saying these things, SHUT UP. Stop hating for once and just be proud that one of our own has made it this far. Don't be jealous just because your parents wouldn't let you compete in pageants. Everyone has something they're good at and everyone has something great about them. For her, she was meant to be a role model for people around the world. You meant to be something else. Just take your negativity and turn it into motivation to do something great with your lives rather than sitting around and talking crap like a bunch of bibi's in the gurudwara. Brown guys, you're not any better. Stop being mad that she'll never accept your friend request on Facebook and that a woman is more accomplished than you probably are. The hate will never change the fact that she was/is deserving and won the title of Miss America and she'll do great things in the future.

Before I end this, I just wanted to acknowledge all of the people of different cultures who are fighting against this ignorance with us. You guys are true Americans, not these backwards racists. If Miss America was a true representation of America, she would be obese and unemployed.