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Excelling in Finance and Beyond: Bharathi Sandhu

Excelling in Finance and Beyond: Bharathi Sandhu

Bharathi Sandhu is a driven and truly inspirational woman from BC, Canada. I first connected with her through my fiance Gagan who knows her from the bhangra circuit. As I got to know Bharathi I learned more about her and figured she would be the perfect person to feature on my blog! Not only is she a successful financial consultant, but she's also very active in the community as the chair of the Fraser Valley Indo Canadian Business Association as a member of  the esteemed Dasmesh Punjabi School. She serves on an advisory committee to the University of the Fraser Valley as well as the City of Abbotsford.

After learning about everything she does, the first thought that crossed my mind was- HOW does she manage to do this all? " Community is very important, we all live in it.  It’s important for people with time and resources to devote to bettering the place we live in as that’s not something everyone can do.  I have the time and the knowledge to be able to contribute and I don’t take that lightly.  I like to think I’m fairly efficient…mind you my Netflix time has been lagging lately haha." 

Bharathi says that the most rewarding aspect of her job is seeing people achieve their financial goals whether it’s home purchase, protecting loved ones or saving tax. To her, being able to provide solutions and having clients follow through is very satisfying. But how did she decide this was the field she wanted to be in? 

"When I saw my otherwise well-educated parents staring blankly at their financial adviser as she used jargon and short hand to explain fairly complex financial concepts, it occurred to me that there had to be a better way.  I vowed to never let a client of mine leave my office with less knowledge than they came in with.  Whether it be fees, performance, or risk management, the information from my side will be consistent."

From there, Bharathi started her journey in the corporate world, receiving her degree in business administration for BCIT as well as her financial planning certificate. For many females, stepping into the corporate world can be a daunting task, specially with the ever so prominent "Glass Ceiling". Bharathi strongly believes that voicing your opinions and quickly cutting down sexist comments are one way to move towards shattering it. 'It’s VERY important to follow your goals…nobody is going to achieve them for you and it’s always better to think “Oh well” than “what if”. Just do it.  Get over your fears, we are all constantly learning and evolving and who better than you to step into the role and rock it!'

As for her advice for anyone looking for financial guidance, "It’s buyer beware.  Ask questions of your advisor.  Ask them how they are paid, ask them what the risks are of investing, ask them how you are protected."

I'm personally so glad I'm getting to know such a motivated and inspirational woman like Bharathi.  If you'd like to know more about her or contact her for financial advice, check out her newly launched website,!

Also, it was her birthday last week so HAPPY BIRTHDAY BHARATHI! 




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