Quick to Blame

Tv actress Pratyusha Banerjee allegedly committed suicide earlier this week at the age of 24. Honestly speaking I didn't really know who she was until the news was all over social media but regardless, may she rest in peace.

Everyone obviously has their own opinion on this matter but a few posts really jumped out at me. I came across a few people on Facebook calling her stupid for committing suicide and saying Pratyusha shouldn't have pursued a career in Bollywood if she couldn't handle the pressure. Others said she was dumb and naive for killing herself over a guy. Every publication has written something different but so far I've heard that her ex boyfriend was engaged to someone else and I've also heard that her boyfriend/fiance was cheating on her and that she was in her second abusive relationship which caused her to take such a drastic step. No matter what the cause, shame on those people who believe she was simply stupid or dumb. Here's a bit of one of the posts I came across:

 "Its sad Pratyusha Bannerjee hung herself because her significant other did something that hurt her. Girls need to grow up or else don't join Bollywood" 

Why is it that the girls have to "grow up"? If growing up means just accepting that the man in a girl's life will cheat and treat her badly then I don't think they should grow up at all. Last time I checked, being treated badly or being hurt by a significant other isn't part of any job description. Yes, unfortunately it does happen for various reasons and people are not willing to hold themselves accountable for their actions, but does that mean a female in this industry should have to deal with all of this just because "she's in Bollywood". The person who wrote that post above was trying to justify Mr. Rahul Raj Singh's actions. Because he's a guy and guys do stupid things like this all the time right? But it's okay because eventually they'll grow up and settle down. What some people don't understand is that BEING A TERRIBLE PERSON IS NEVER OKAY. Whether relationship issues were the cause for Pratyusha's death or not, being in Bollywood doesn't mean one should be subjected to being cheated on or hurt. One of the most idiotic things that someone could think is "Well boys will be boys, girls should know how to deal with it".

Pratyusha had a lot going on in her life that we will probably never know about. Even though she did have other options, she saw suicide as her only choice. I don't think that means that she is stupid or dumb or 'not fit for Bollywood', I just think there's more to this story than we know. It's always good to have thick skin when entering a career in entertainment, but that doesn't mean that its justified for someone to be hurt or disrespected because they're 'in Bollywood'. Everyone has feelings and emotions. Remember, you are NEVER alone. There will always be other options and there will always be someone for you to talk to. Unfortunately there was no one to explain this to Pratyusha before it was too late. RIP Pratyusha Banerjee.