The Struggle

Despite so many positive things happening around me, it's been a struggle to stay happy for the past week or two. Just recently I was so motivated and excited but out of no where my energy levels and positive attitude have seemed to disappear. No matter what I do I feel a sense of sadness, but I have no idea why. There's no reason for me to feel this way. I keep telling myself that, but why can't I believe it and just snap out of it? As I said in my last blog post, I can't really put my emotions into words because I don't even know why I'm feeling this way. Motivation is key and I've spent a good amount of time in the past week or so trying to get that motivation back. There was a time when I was so excited for the next morning, to start my day and be productive. Now those same tasks make me dread getting out of bed every morning. For instance, this morning I woke up feeling anxious for no particular reason. I have a big trip coming up in a little over a week but that shouldn't be bothering me. I have other important things to take care of but that's never bothered me like this before either. I hate that my happiness lasts for a short amount of time before I relapse into being the way I am right now. I hope that soon I can focus on the positive and realize that I have something to look forward to each and every day, but right now, the struggle to stay happy and positive is so real.