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Everyday Makeup Routine

Everyday Makeup Routine

The title is pretty self explanatory but DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT wear makeup every day! Just when I feel like looking a little better than usual or have somewhere important to go. I'm honestly just way too lazy to put on makeup every single day. Some days I'll just put on some concealer and mascara and im out the door.

For days when I have presentations or I'm just hanging out with friends, here's a step by step.

1. I apply a tiny bit of Cetaphil cream or any lotion with aloe vera to my face and neck. I know it's not meant for your face, but my skin is super sensitive so if I use anything else I'm pretty much screwed.

2. Next up I apply NYC face primer to my entire face, focusing mostly on my T-Zone (  the middle of my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin) 

3. After that I according to the weather, how important the event or meeting is, and how my skin is feeling I'll either pick up my Tarte BB Cream or my Garnier. Both are amazing but the Tarte gives me some extra coverage and has a much better consistency. I also feel like the Tarte one is more yellow toned and matches my skin better than the Garnier which is more pink. My Real Techniques stippling brush is absolutely amazing no matter what foundation or BB cream I use.

4. Next I use my Hardcandy concealer which matches my skintone almost perfectly and pat it on with my fingers. Once that's on I follow with my Harmon's under eye- roller ( Dupe for the Garnier) and pat it in with my ecotools concealer brush.

5. I use a big powder brush from Ecotools and my NYC loose translucent powder all over my face, followed by my Sephora bronzer with my Chanel angled blush brush on my cheeks and forehead as well as a bit on my neck. I use the same Chanel brush and pick up a light peach blush, placing it on top of the bronzer on my cheeks.

6. For eyes I use my Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Primer followed by an eyeshadow about two shades lighter than my skin tone that I put on the lid with my finger, then a Real Techniques blending brush with an eyeshadow 2-3 shades darker than my skin tone for my crease. 

7. Next is my Elf gel eyeliner with an angled brush and my L'oreal False Fiber Lashes mascara.

8. Eyebrows: Dark Brown eyeshadow and an angled brush have always worked for me

9. Top it off with a lipgloss and I'm done!

The Day I Lost My Best Friend

The Day I Lost My Best Friend

Kentucky: No KFC,  But Many Lessons.

Kentucky: No KFC, But Many Lessons.