Who is this Trisha Bhangra Arora girl?

Hey guys! Yes I know, it seems like I'm just another average brown girl trying to be cool and blog. I've basically decided to start blogging because as my teachers told me in elementary school, writing really helps you get your emotions out. There's so much going on in my life that I feel as though I need to just slow down and let everything sink in. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm not the average punjabi girl. I'm a host and MC, I have my own radio show on Radio Asia in New Jersey called Bhangra Beats, I'm an intern for E3UK, an aspiring journalist and most importantly, I'm absolutely obsessed with Bhangra. My career path has given me some unusual struggles which I'm sure will get worse in the future, but with the help of my dad, (sometimes) my mom, my cousin Jasmine and my amazing friends, I think I can get by. This definitely isn't about the typical desi girl trying to be a doctor or lawyer. Don't get me wrong, those are amazing careers, but I gotta do whats right for me.

It kind of sucks to admit it but as a kid my best friends were my cousins, parents and my stuffed animals. I was the weird girl in school that no one wanted to be friends with. As the only child of South Asian decent in elementary school some things were hard to deal with like having kids younger than me call me "that Indian piece of shit" and things like that so I was very quiet and reserved. Of course my nerdy glasses, frizzy hair and terrible fashion sense didn't help me much either. No friends equaled zero confidence. Finally elementary school came to an end and my parents decided on something BIG. We were moving. Dad worked at TV Asia which was in the heart of the brownest New Jersey town I knew of, Edison so we decided to move closer. Later I found out the reason for the move was actually because of all of the "kaale" moving into the town that I had grown up in. Typical. Anyways, I was SUPER excited. This move meant a fresh start, a new beginning. As an awkward lonely 12 year old, that was all I could have asked for. But I have to admit I was totally freaking out about middle school.

When 7th grade started, once again I was alone. I didn't know how to socialize or make friends. My mom no longer helped me with homework and I did terribly in math class, and I could just never remember my locker combination. It was horrific. Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, I met the "fob crew" as I liked to call them. You know, that group of popular desi girls who were mean to everyone? They were basically the equivalent of the goriyan in Mean Girls. At first I had thought I made a new group of friends, little did  I know these girls took no time in spreading rumors about me. Just what a new girl needs. I can easily say those few months were HELL. A Pre-teen girl's worst nightmare. In my spare time I started listening to more Punjabi music, learning Bhangra steps from YouTube videos and just teaching myself. It was the only way for me to escape the terrible life I had at school, and let's just say I've been obsessed ever since. Luckily I also found an amazing group of friends right before middle school was about to end and those girls are still my closest friends, no matter how distant we may get.

High School had finally begun and it was totally overwhelming, but it was the best time of my life. It was like a fresh start once again. I had finally convinced my dad to buy me my first hair straightener and I got contacts right before the 8th grade dance, so things were good. As much as I hated school, it was the best 4 years ever and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Of course some freedom would have been nice, but hey, I have Punjabi parents.

Now I've finished up my 2nd year of college and I'm looking forward to an amazing career in the future. My life is filled with ups and downs which I'm sure most of you can relate to. The reason I wrote about my childhood is I hope that some of you can relate to what I went through as a kid. As much as I didn't believe it while I was growing up, things DO get better and everyone has a bright future ahead of them. This blog is going to be all about what I'm going through as a girl in my 20's in the desi entertainment industry while trying to deal with the same issues or situations as any other brown person living abroad. I'll be posting about events I attend, my show, family, friends, and all that stuff. Hope you guys enjoy my posts :)